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best drum kits 2016

what are my favorite drum kits and how to get them for free

Download the best premium and Free drum kits for free and start producing music today!

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native instruments traktor pro 2

Traktor pro 2 download


I wanted to share this video with you guys...i know not many read my blog, but it might help for someone who is looking for Traktor pro 2 download for free. I have tested and it works, took me around one hour to download and it was completly free.There are other Ni products: massive,maschine,Komplete,Kontakt,Battery,Absynth and a few more...all for free, if you are into VST plugins then i strongly advise you to check it out

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How to sell photos online ?

How to sell photos online ...stable income source for beginners

Hi Guys

This is a little different topic, not related to Propellerhead Reason and other DAW softwares.

Its about how to sell photos online and make a few hundread euros a month...what do you guys think about it? It sounds incredibly good for me...i have signed up already and submitted some photods...i hope it will work. Selling photos online is soemthing what i was planning for a VERY long time. I advise you If you would like to get some extra cash give it a try... i have seen some websites where you can sell photos online, but so far this is the best.

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How to download Reason 7 crack for free

working crack for propellerhead reason DAW software
working crack for propellerhead reason DAW software

Propellerhead Reason 7 crack for free,does it really work?

Okey,so you probably downloaded the software from some shady websites,but it doesnt work without Reason 7 crack activation patcher.Without the proper crack it will return some error messages.I found a survey site,downloaded from there and guess what?It works...i have tried over 10 similar fake sites,but at the end i got my reward.

On the first page of google there are sooooo many fake sites...seriously NON of them are legit.

They are on facebook,instagramm,blogger twitter...seriously every single platform is spammed to death but non of them work.If you guys want i can upload the crack file separately or link you to a fully working version of propellerhead reason 7.reason 8 is out already,but good luck finding a cracked version.I also have a working crack for pro tools 10 and 11.

I also found a complete tutorial course for reason 7 wich is simply AWESOME!

So if you are interested about the full software or just the crack file,just drop me a message and i will share it with you for free.I know it sometimes very stressful,when you completed 5+ surveys and non of them work and you just keep getting those damn spammy advertisements...its a real pain in the ass i know.

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Propellerhead Reason 7 crack

Propellerhead Reason 7 crack

Reason 7 cracked is actually a music software tool that has been designed by software developer from Sweden called Propellerhead Software. This software emulates a complete rack of samplers, hardware synthesizers, mixers, sequencers, signal processors, and much more. All these features can be interconnected freely in arbitrary manner. This tool can be utilized either as a collection of the virtual instruments playing live or utilized with some other sequencing tool or as virtual music studio. It was in the year 2010, 25th August when Reason was released and from that time onwards, it has become a highly popular and highly used tool. It is for the very first time that Reason can sample audio directly with any of the sample-playing instruments of it like NN-19, Kong Drum designer, NN-XT and Redrum. Dr. Rex loop player in this software has been provided with overhaul as well as it’s now popular as “Dr.Octo Rex”. This has the ability of playing a maximum of 8 sample loops and all at a single time. This tool also includes the latest features for editing of individuals clips as well as loops.

The best feature of Propellerhead reason crack is that is comes with highly simple and easy to use User-Interface. This means that users don’t require prior technical expertise or knowledge for operating this software. Furthermore, both beginners as well as advanced level users can use it with utmost ease. A latest feature that has been introduced in Propellerhead reason crack is “Kong Drum Designer” that is a sixteen-pad device which can be used for creating percussion as well as drum sounds with the assistance of different sound production methods like sample playback, virtual analog synthesis, and physical modelling. Reason users have also created Signature Patches including patches that were created by Richard Barbieri, Vengeance, and Two Lone Swordsmen.

Downloading the software is very simple and much simpler is its installation steps. Given below are the simple steps for installing the tool.

  • Users will first have to extract the tool by making use of the software called WinRar.
  • You should not open or run Reason 7 when installation is going on. It can be done once installation procedure is over.
  • Now you have to go to “Propellerhead reason crack” and replace the “reason.exe” with one that is in directory installation.
  • Suppose the crack is not working, you can try on serial numbers that are provided with the folder called “propellerhead reasons 7 serial number”.
  • Next you need to open Reason 7 as well as paste that serial number.
  • After this is done, you can start using the tool.


Finally after two months of searching i have found a working cracked version of Propellerhead reason 7, here is the link:

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